Aid For Scouting

Sign & Salute

Thefollowing text and pictures are taken from the 11th Edition of the Boy ScoutHandbook, page 7.

Scout Sign

The Scout sign shows that you are aScout. Give it each time you recite the Scout Oath and Law. When a Scout orScouter raises the Scout sign, all Scouts should make the sign, too, and cometo silent attention.

To give the Scout sign, cover the nail of thelittle finger of your right hand with your right thumb, then raise your rightarm bent in a 90-degree angel, and hold the three middle fingers of your handupward. Those fingers stand for the three parts of the Scout Oath. Your thumband little finger touch to represent the bond that unites Scouts throughout theworld. 

Scout Salute

The Scout salute shows respect. Useit to salute the flag of the United States of America. You may also salute aScout leader or another Scout.

Give the Scout salute by forming the Scout signwith your right hand and then bring that hand upward until your forefingertouches the brim of your hat or the arch of your right eyebrow. The palm ofyour hand should not show. 

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